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The Face of Allergies

POETIC RANT  | The fight for allergy-free foods

My daughter – Matilda – was eating eggs fine until the age of 3.5 when she started having mild reactions – which then developed into anaphylactic reactions

This is the face 
Of what so-called food can do
A mild reaction
Breath still in action
Allergens the trigger

No warning, no sticker

Producers fucking with food 
Untold processes skewed
Numbers with no names
GMO games

What is our food eating?

Feed grown in soils or sands
Laced with chemical strands

Grass or glyphosate 
Is it too late? 

Rage rises in me
Driving me to ask more
Who is this food safe for? 

Resistance still there
Do I run and hide 
Or chase the rollercoaster ride

Grow our own
Together or alone

What will become

For the food in our tums?

Rollercoaster ride initiated. 

One conversation at a time. 

Credit for the subtitle goes to this enlightening documentary released late last year — 

Fighting for Allergy-Free Food

Thanks for reading

Thanks for being you 

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