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Allergy Awareness Book Series

An introductory resource series for kids of all ages to read with their parents, families, teachers, carers or specialists.

Photographic illustrations leave no room for “make-believe”.

Allergies are REAL
Reactions are REAL


Seeker of meaning and lessons in all of life’s moments – bumps, bruises, stacks and all!

Over-sharer of all kinds of information, with the potential for righteous ranting sessions. Lover of laughter, learning, family, friends, adventures and the sky.

Exploring new avenues for sharing the golden nuggets of life…. always up for collecting alternative perspective and knowledge.

Writer of children’s books, poetry and memoir with a focus on kid-i-fying information and the wisdom learned from living life.


A collection of helpful resources for life-ing in general and also navigating it with food allergies!