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Re-imagining Paper to Build Better Walls

Image used with permission from WallOBooks

A single sheet of paper
250 words gifted from a creator
Sparkled with magic by an illustrator

Stories shared from across the Earth
Seeds of knowledge and insights birth
Shining a light on every child’s worth

All deserve a chance to learn and read
More than a want, it’s a basic need
Limitless potential to be freed

When world wisdom is spoken
Imagination past survival awoken
Generational cycles broken

Walls that words can break
A single sheet of paper is all it takes

A better world is what it creates

About a year ago, Sanjukt Saha reached out to me and other writers on Medium to write one of these magical books.

I was still very much finding my confidence in sharing my writing on Medium so I hesitated.

Those feelings of “not good enough- yet” were there.

It was the spirit of the cause that drove me to take part and write something.

When I read my words now- well I cringe a little BUT it was where I was at the time AND it led me to magic.

A world of hope.

Hope that the world can change through words

Honoured to play a little role to plant seeds of change with WallOBooks.

This weekend WallOBooks made itself known on Product Hunt.

I would be extremely grateful if you took a moment to help support WallOBooks in amplifying its reach by subscribing and upvoting the promotion via

Commenting and sharing it with others would be a bonus for the campaign.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project, please visit the WallOBooks website – they make big windows for tiny people.

Thank you for reading

Thank you for your support

Most of all – thank you for being you!

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