Superpowers Unleashed

Abundance of superpowers has to come first to quench my infinite thirstBalance and peace, to make the race ceaseClarity for all, consciousness will have a ballDreams to aspire, drama to expireEmpathy eradicating evil egosFreedom of mind, for us all to findGone the guilt that society builtHonest and transparent systems in place, consequences for those in […]

Wake Up

We’re All One And The Same A seed of source energy within us allConnected within a world so smallSentient beings infinitely unfoldingBeware the production line of moldingChoice rippling consequencesVibrating from all our sensesThe time to wake up is nowBefore tools of our making allowAn environment beyond all repairReverberations overwhelming despairExpanding consciousness the only wayThe change […]

Hope For A New Day

Hope for a new day Hope for a new way Lessons to be learned Freedom being earned Spirit to reawaken Actions being taken Step by step, little by little Growth for human acquittal Our place on earth Beholds our worth Hope for a new way Hope for a new day **Photo by Louis Maniquet on Unsplash Originally published on Medium in dedication […]