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Pete the Peanut – Hardcover


Pete the Peanut is an introductory resource for kids of all ages to read with their parents, families, teachers, carers or specialists. Information is presented with photographic illustrations to ensure there is no room for “make-believe”.

A clear reminder that allergies are REAL. Reactions are REAL. Each of us is at different stages and plays various roles along the allergy journey, a journey nobody processes in precisely the same way.

With that in mind, Pete the Peanut is a resource that is designed to dip in and out of as opportunities along their unique relationship living with allergies are presented. While there is no one size fits all approach, the most important thing we can do is to educate our children with as much information as we possibly can.

Bearing in mind each child’s individual readiness to absorb and use while navigating their worlds and their lives. Expanding their understanding and assessing their personal risks as they experience, grow and learn, not only themselves but for others around them too.

We can’t allergy proof the world but we can use our voices and share information as a powerful way to expand the awareness of allergies. In doing so, we empower children living with allergies to self-advocate in a world filled with distractions.

Watch this space for Pete’s mates coming soon….think Peg the Egg, Gazza Gluten, The Tree Nut Family and others….

Thank you for being you!

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