Monster Mum

Monster Mum comes from the alter ego I use to take the edge off the daily challenges of parenting. My daughters find it hilarious when I use my monster voice. It reduces the charge in a tense situation and at the same time, I stop myself from unconsciously yelling.

We live in a stressful world that is tinged with a layer of feeling we are “not good enough”. As parents, we put a lot of pressure on our kids to behave a certain way to “fit in” with society’s expectations. When they don’t fit this mould we can feel like we have failed. Mix that feeling with a hard day at work, a forever growing list of to-dos and it’s a recipe for Monster Mum to show up when kids are being kids.

I have felt a lot of guilt around the times my anger has been unleashed on my unsuspecting kids. These feelings I have had correspond with the growing trend of “better parenting” click-bait advertising on social media, online and live seminars, in school newsletters and as part of free community health services.

This book comes from being urged by other parents to share my tool. Monster Mum is brief on the words as I envisage double-page spread pictures that will show the universal messages of the situations that evoke the monster’s roar! Giving parents and their children the space to have a chat about how it relates to their own day.

I feel positive this book would give all parents and caregivers –

  • An outlet to have a laugh while passing on a creative alternative to yelling
  • The opportunity for open communication with their children.
  • A supportive message that it is ok to be an imperfect human.

After all, trying our best to learn and grow from our mistakes is what life is about.