What Happened When I Ate Peanut Butter

A poetic recount of events preceding ingestion of an allergen for the first time – written from the perspective of my daughter, Billie.

Hospital time for Billie after her first anaphylactic encounter with peanuts

When I was one, I swiped some peanut butter toast.
It was up high so I had to climb, not that I’m gonna boast.
It tasted delicious but something wasn’t right,
My eyes felt funny and my throat a little tight.

Mum said, “That’s it. To the car right away!”
Off to the chemist without delay.
He took one look and pointed us to the doctor,
Who pricked my leg cause my face shocked her.

Off with my mum in the ambulance, I went.
Straight to a hospital, she said that meant.
For 6 whole hours, they made me sit
I was also poked n prodded a bit

Mum and Nanny kept me entertained.
And a cool new hat* I gained
I’d be tired that night, the doctors said,
But I was in no mood for bed.

Mum says I hardly slept a wink,
I reckon I was just trying to think.
What it all meant and why my eyes still felt tight.
Next time I reckon I’ll stick with vegemite.

Eggs also make me feel yuck,
Any trace of them and I upchuck.

A special allergy man checks my progress,
He draws on my arm as part of the process,
Then nicks me with stuff that makes me itch,
I even scream at a very high pitch!

My family and friends are helping me learn,
To be aware and safe is their main concern,
I carry my epi-pen every single day
And before I eat remember to say,

“Does this have eggs or nuts in it?”

PS: before you kiss my loveable cheeks or use my water bottle,
Please know, the smallest trace can trigger reactions full throttle.

*the hat was a hospital spew bowl as shown in the pictures