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Allergy Awareness Book Series

Pete the Peanut is the first in an introductory resource series for kids of all ages to read with their parents, families, teachers, carers or specialists.

Photographic illustrations leave no room for “make-believe”.

Allergies are REAL
Reactions are REAL

We can’t allergy proof the world BUT we can empower our children to self-advocate in a world filled with distractions.

Digital versions of the first book are FREE!

Google Slides


**Click on the file type to download**

Hardcover copies available from

Amazon | Booktopia | Angus & Robertson

As much as I would love to be able to give the hardcover versions out for free… or even have inventory to offer them at a more affordable price … it’s not to be at this stage – which brings me to the next bit…

…the part that kind of makes me cringe – a little!

BUT I’ll do it anyway…

If it is within your means, I would appreciate any support to help
with the ongoing costs of self-publishing these resources via


Please consider donating directly to Allergy Support Hub or Allergy Life Ltd.

Watch this space for Pete’s mates….think Peg the Egg, Gazza Gluten, The Tree Nut Family and others….

Thank you for being you!

Meet Pete – He’s a Peanut!

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