Allergy Awareness Book Series

As a parent new to the allergy game, I found it challenging to comprehend what managing risks day to day looked like.

After a steep learning curve, a pile of guilt and anxiety I was able to come to a place where I could see past the “me space”.

I began to think about it from a child’s perspective. My daughter wasn’t even two when she was told she was prone to anaphylactic reaction to peanuts, tree nuts and highly allergic to eggs. 

She could barely say the word by the time she was 3 and off to kindy. 

When it isn’t in your forefront of mind Every. Single. Day it is so easy for caregivers to get distracted with other children and events. 

This is why I firmly believe that children themselves need to be empowered to understand and communicate their risks best they can.

Sparked from an idea from fellow parent, Rosee Maxwell-mother to a daughter with allergies – comes a series of books aimed at kids.

With information aimed at kids of all ages to read alone or together  with their parents, teachers, carers, specialists and anyone who will listen, to build empowering awareness and understanding about allergens, allergies and anaphylaxis. 

Reactions may not be an everyday occurrence BUT the management of the risks is. Having our children understand their risks helps.

Coming Soon!

Meet Pete – He’s a Peanut!